What is most annoying customers in Apple products

09.11.2018 - Apple
What is most annoying customers in Apple products

Despite the many advantages that Apple has, compared to competitors ‘ products, it is still far from being called perfect. Agree the users themselves, many of which do not have to curry favor and in the pages of the website Reddit told about the most hated disadvantages of the “Apple” of the electronics. Interestingly, almost all of the customer complaints was reduced to anything else as to the greed of Apple.


Perhaps the most common complaint to Apple there was an insufficient amount of storage in iCloud. In this case in support of the increase came not only from the users of the free rate, which has long ceased to suffice available default is 5 GB, but paid subscribers. According to the latter, Apple would have to add some intermediate tariff, for example, between 200 GB and 2 TB, to somehow smooth out the existing price gap between them.

The package

Another popular theme is the narrowing of the scope of delivery of proprietary Apple technology. Consumers, they said, are not satisfied that in Cupertino from year to year, save the packaging their devices from the truly important accessories. For example, as noted by the user marriage_iguana, Apple has been extremely disappointing, failing to match the MacBook Pro power cords to connect to power adapters and replacing them with a standard USB wire.

The same applies to disappeared out of the box new iPhone adapter Lightning-to-3.5 mm power supply unit, which no longer ships with the Apple Watch Series 3, 5-watt charger for iPhone, which, though not disappeared, but been asked replacement with something more powerful, as well as replacement tips for Apple Pencil 2, which Apple forces you to buy separately at a price of $ 19.


The most controversial claim, which, however, deserves attention. This year, Apple raised prices on several of its products:

But, as it turned out, most consumers annoyed is not the fact of price increases, and that in addition to Apple in its quest to save even more on their products, forcing their customers to spend large sums of money on various cables, adapters and attachments, without which the use of proprietary technology, the company is not so comfortable.

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