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Apple may introduce the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max in red
In the near future, Apple may introduce the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max in a new color – red. IGeneration reported, citing its own trusted source in the [...]
MacBook Pro (Early 2011): three great breakthrough and a little bit about the lion
In 2011, the birthday of Steve jobs (February 24), no conferences or fanfare, Apple has radically updated the MacBook Pro lineup and released a beta [...]
Presents a realistic concept iOS 13
In the Network almost every day there are bold new concepts from a variety of designers. All is good, if not one but – reconstituted products often [...]
iPhone breaks free…
January 11, 2011, on a half-hour press conference, Verizon Wireless announced the start of sales of the Verizon iPhone next month. Agreement of Verizon and [...]
Apple started the fight with pirated apps on iOS
One of the main reasons why developers and publishers choose iOS as the primary platform – the absence of piracy. Almost all available apps are [...]
Users have criticized one of the key features of iOS 12
In iOS 12 was added a function “Screen time”. The option was designed to show us how often we use our smartphones and how much technology has [...]
Apple challenged the participants of the program “Shot on iPhone”
High safety standards which are so proud of at Apple can sometimes fail. As found by 9To5Mac, the company inadvertently put user data at risk of disclosure [...]
Apple is delaying the release of its video service
Despite the fact that the presentation of a new Apple streaming service will be held on March 25 in what there can be little doubt, its full-fledged launch [...]
Opinion: the best iPhone that you can buy in 2019
The question of the validity of the purchase of a particular model of iPhone is, perhaps, a popular after question about what is still better: iOS or [...]
MacBook Air “bevel profile”
What happens when you cross an iPad with a MacBook Air? In the classic section “something else” conference 20.10.2010 was shown the result of such [...]
Confirmed date of presentation 13 iOS and macOS 10.15
Worldwide developers conference, organized annually by Apple this year will be held from 3 to 7 June. This confirms the schedule of all upcoming events is [...]
When Apple will introduce new iPad, AirPods 2 and AirPower?
Spring the presentation of Apple, which promises to be very rich in hardware, can pass in one day from 11 to 20 March. This is with reference to informed [...]
How to change the price of the new iPhone
In the autumn of this year Apple needs to show the world their new smartphone models. In addition to the new features and improvements, many people are [...]
iOS 12.1.4 breaks the SIM cards and Wi-Fi on some iPhone
High performance 12 iOS on older iPhone models, which spoke with admiration in Cupertino, and beyond, was a kind of payback for the problems in the health [...]
Adobe Premiere Pro breaks down the dynamics of some MacBook Pro
The bug is contained in Adobe Premiere Pro, may have a negative impact on the speakers of the MacBook Pro, causing them to reproduce distorted and [...]
Unibody Mac mini, June 2010
The first Tuesday after the end of the WWDC’10, without any show – but not secretive, Apple has updated the Mac mini line. New design, HDMI port, raised [...]
How to change the headphones, cables and power supplies to Apple for warranty
The low reliability of the complete accessories, which complain about some Apple device owners, may be offset by terms of warranty. According to them, [...]
Did HomePod to conquer the market of smart speakers?
Smart column HomePod was first presented at the conference for developers WWDC 2017. The gadget was supposed to go on sale in the autumn, however, [...]
Apple released the second beta iOS version 12.2 for all
Exactly one day after the release of the second beta version of iOS 12.2 for developers, Apple introduced a build for public testing. This is the second [...]
iPhone 4: a phone with a criminal record…
Mankind has learned that inside him, three months before its release. About two months it turned out in the hands of voluntary pathologists proved to be a [...]
As Apple to protect their secret projects from disclosure
Despite the popular belief that Apple is itself the initiator of most leaks about its future products, it is far from the truth. This confirms the [...]
Apple has started selling refurbished iPhone X
In November 2016, Apple started to sell their own iPhone that have undergone a factory restore. This means that the company has taken the already former in [...]
iOS 12.2 disables one of the features Safari. How to enable
Apple intends to restrict access Safariк the accelerometer and gyroscope of iPhone and iPad with the release of the final version of iOS12.2, which is now [...]
As Apple stopped work on Facebook all day and deprived her of part of the employees
The revocation of Apple’s Enterprise Program which allows you to create enterprise applications for iOS, Facebook caused a huge damage even though it [...]
iOS 12.2 beta 2: What’s new?
Last night it became available the second beta release of the mobile operating system iOS 12.2. The assurances of Apple, this update is focused on fixing [...]